Power Generation
Solkraft, kärnkraft, vindkraft och vattenkraft, kol, råolja och naturgas, geotermisk energi och biomassa – alla dessa fossila eller förnybara energikällor används nu för tiden för att alstra värme och elektricitet. En hel industri är involverad i tillverkningen av system som använder dessa energikällor. En framtidsindustri som förlitar sig på högteknologiska mätsystem från Hexagon Metrology.

Portabla totalstationer från Leica Geosystems förenklar exempelvis underhållet av vattenkraftverk och koordinatmätmaskiner från Leitz ger den nödvändiga noggrannheten vid byggandet av vindturbiner. Förbättra utvecklingen av energimarknaden med noggrannheten hos våra portabla och stationära mätsystem.

HYDRO Exploitation - Switzerland
Improving Data Quality and Quantity with 3D Measurement

Based at Sion in the Swiss mountains, HYDRO Exploitation SA is a service provider that specialises in the operation of electrical installations and hydroelectric ...

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ASG Superconductors - La Spezia
The Future of Energy

The Hexagon Metrology laser trackers inspect the construction of the huge magnets of a nuclear fusion ...

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Siemens AG Steam Turbines - Görlitz
A boost for turbines

„The only efficient machine is one that’s used to full capacity.” This is the motto of the blade production department at Siemens AG Steam Turbines in Görlitz, Germany. The only way to counter the cost and deadline pressures of turbine production is through full machine ...

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Vestas Nacelles - Lem
Ren perfektion

Hur mycket ström kan ett 100 m högt vindkraftverk generera? Och hur kan det säkerställas att monteringen av vindturbiner löper problemfritt när allt måste fungera direkt? Hos Vestas Nacelles i Lem/Danmark gäller en strikt kvalitetsstrategi och man använder portabla mätsystem med hög kapacitet ...

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Vorarlberger Illwerke - Schruns
Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 garanterar effektivitet hos vattenkraftverk

Vorarlberger Illwerke driver tio vattenkraftverk i Montafon-dalen i Österrikiska Vorarlberg och producerar värdefull toppbelastnings- och regleringsenergi. Företaget undersöker regelbundet hur effektiva deras turbiner är så att vattenkraften kan omvandlas till elektricitet så effektivt som möjligt. Basdatan ...

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Gonzales - Estrabin
Inspection and auto-inspection with the ROMER Absolute Arm

Four buildings covering a total surface area of 20,000 m², four assembly halls each measuring 1,200 m² sitting on a site covering 35,000 m²... The Gonzales group, founded in 1971, has forged a solid reputation through its know-how, flexibility and reactivity as well as the quality of the services it provides. A designer and ...

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Lufkin - Fougerolles
Power 3 precision thanks to the Hexagon Metrology retrofit

Founded in 1902, LUFKIN Industries has been specialised in gearing for industrial applications for more than 80 years. Its global reputation as a manufacturer of highly reliable material is completed by its customer service long-renowned for being quick and efficient. LUFKIN France incorporated the group in 2009 and established itself as a builder ...

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Thoeni Manufacturing
Retro, but fit

How can existing machines be kept up to current standards against the background of increasing quality assurance requirements? The solution is a retrofit. Thöni Manufacturing GmbH shows you how. Almost two decades old, its coordinate measuring machine recently made the grade on an improvement course thanks to a modernisation package from ...

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AT&S - Leoben
Portable measuring arm ensures the performance of photovoltaic modules

Europe‘s number 1 circuit board manufacturer, Austrian company AT&S, has developed a new type of solar module with a particularly high efficiency rating. A ROMER Absolute Arm is helping to make the most of the performance capabilities of the ...

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DONAKO - Wroclaw
Mobile measuring device from Hexagon Metrology supports the production of electric power generators

We rely on energy for many purposes, and the fact is that natural energy resources are becoming ever scarcer. Renewable energy sources are worth investing in and supporting for the future, this is what DONAKO strives for as a manufacturer of electrical machine sub-assemblies, with world energy industry leaders among its clients. In its aim to ...

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DMR - Rostock
Flexible laser tracker system facilitates the processing of large cast and steel components

At the DMR Produktionsgesellschaft mbH in Rostock there blows a fresh wind: previously, traditional measuring methods which were used had limitations; success is now guaranteed with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and Leica T-Probe. Now when the component can‘t get to the CMM, the CMM will go to the ...

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Lakber - Lakuntza
Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 for inspection of large-volume wind energy components

In industry sectors where work pieces are large and heavy, mobility is everything for a measurement system. When accuracy and easy handling are the other functional requirements, there is no way around a portable CMM. Spanish machining company Lakber came to this conclusion and uses a high-end Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and a Leica ...

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Ingemat - Zamudio
Laser Tracker opens door to new business areas

Entrepreneurial acting means setting the course for new business opportunities. In industrial companies, the success of such plans stands and falls with identifying the right equipment. That’s why Basque engineering company Ingemat added a Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 to their ...

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Menegazzi - Padova
Hexagon Metrology boosts blade production

The company C.M. Menegazzi was established in 1982 and is still led by its founder Umberto Menegazzi, who has been joined by sons Roberto and Luca, respectively responsible for the accounts/sales and technical areas of the business. The use of state-of-the-art design and production technologies has always been key to C.M. Menegazzi’s operations: ...

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Goldwind - Xinjiang
Large-Volume Hand-Held Probing Guarantees Dimensional Integrity of Rotor Blade Hubs for Wind Turbines

Globally, wind power generation increased more than fivefold since the year 2000. With the global trend toward limiting CO 2 emissions and numerous governmental programs subsidizing or financing wind power generation, its share of global power generation is set to experience substantial growth in the foreseeable ...

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BIMAQ - Bremen
The proof of the pudding: scientists use 3D measuring technology to research production methods for metal components

Generally speaking, the city of Bremen is known for its famous Town Musicians. However, passionate engineers know that Distortion Engineering is the new brand of this Hanseatic City. The term was coined by the University of Bremen where in 2001 the special research programme 570 was created with the same name, which attracts funding from the ...

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HGG Profiling Equipment - Middenmeer
Leica Absolute Tracker monitors cutting of wind turbine tripods

On behalf of a customer, Dutch company HGG developed a new type of bevel cutting system which has an integrated Leica Absolute Tracker with Absolute Interferometer. The tracker continuously monitors the cutting process. Using the measured data, the machine cuts 60 m long, 400 t tubes into individual sections – to accuracies of a fraction of a ...

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Auxiliar D'Explotaciones Energètiques - Vic
Shaft Alignment Times Halved by Using Modern Laser Stations

Auxiliar D’Explotacions Energètiques S.L. from Vic near Barcelona, has been in business for more than 26 years. This medium-sized family service and maintenance company focuses primarily on performing work for the hydroelectric plants in the region and beyond. About two years ago they modernized the metrological methods for shaft alignment, ...

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Alstom - Birr
Alstom: Energy made to measure

Turbine blade machining represents one of the key value-added production operations in Alstom’s Power Turbo-Systems plant in Birr, Switzerland and a Hexagon Metrology coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is an integral part of a flexible machining system (FMS) cell, which finish grinds and inspects turbine blades and ...

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NOI-Rotortechnik - Nordhausen
Stringent Demands for Boosting the Efficiency of Wind Power Plants

Three-dimensional measurement and analysis of rotor blades and their production facility are highly complex and demanding measuring tasks. The nature and scope represent an entirely new dimension in this branch of industry. Consequently, such a task can be coped only by using ultra-modern measuring systems and a correctly prepared measurement ...

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TVL Van Landuyt NV - Wetteren
Leitz CMM measures components of wind energy plants

Only fifty microns is the tolerance on the axle bores of a 4-ton transmission case used in a wind turbine. The Belgian manufacturer TVL achieves reproducible measurement of the complex and nearly inaccessible geometry in about 30 minutes on a Leitz precision coordinate measuring machine made by Hexagon Metrology, ...

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Zaigler Maschinenbau - Kulmbach
There’s a new Delta around the World

We’re in Kulmbach, Upper Franconia, in the heartland of Germany. Zaigler Maschinenbau GmbH is a company that specializes in the machining of large-size components for the rail industry, printing machines and the large energy generators. Production is usually made in small lots, sometimes with only an individual component, but always very peculiar ...

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