Domestic Appliances
De är till vår hjälp i köket och källaren. Hushållsapparaterna ledsagar oss diskret och effektivt när vi vandrar omkring i våra vardagsliv. Dessa moderna elektriska hjälpmedel är belägg för en mycket avancerad ingenjörskonst. Utvecklingen och tillverkningen av dessa kombinerar livslängd och effektiv energianvändning med modern stil. Noggrannhet är nyckeln ända från början, från plåttillverkningen till slutmonteringen.

Är metallytan riktigt slät? Överensstämmer plåtens geometri med CAD-data? Kommer rören att godkännas i måttkontrollen? Hexagon Metrology är en pålitlig partner för de olika mätbehoven genom alla steg i produktionen.

Messtronik GmbH - St. Georgen
New spheres of coordinate metrology

The Black Forest. Thanks to successful tourism advertisements, this name is associated with cuckoo clocks and the scent of pine trees, but the early birds in the forest aren’t the only ones to catch the worm. Traditionally, companies based in this region have also been among the most ‘bright-eyed’ in the country, particularly the ...

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The Wand Company - Cambridge
Phasers set to stun

Twenty-third century phaser meets twenty-first century laser as Hexagon Metrology measuring equipment helps inventive consumer electronics company blur the lines between science fiction and science ...

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Bosch Siemens kitchen appliances
Prototypes, processes and prince regent

For sweet-tooths, the research and development centre at  Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte (BSH) sounds like a "Land of Cockaigne": hundreds of cakes are baked there every day. What the test kitchen is to travellers in this medieval mythical land of plenty, the measuring room at BSH is to metrology technicians: a Leitz Reference Xi ...

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Brompton Bicycle - London
Automated inspection for the commuter’s choice in personal transport

Owners of Brompton’s don’t just own a bicycle; they own a product which through its designs and innovations is built to last. The ability to fold the bike into a compact unit which can easily be taken on public transport is the fundamental element of its design. With their commitment to excellence and the high quality expected by its customers the ...

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Robert Bosch GmbH - Gerlingen
Calibrating in the premier league

Robert Bosch GmbH has been playing in the league of exceptional calibration laboratories certified by the German Calibration Service (DKD) for more than 25 years. Over this time, the central calibration laboratory at the company‘s headquarters in Gerlingen-Schillerhöhe has risen to become an internationally renowned institution. A ...

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Hansgrohe - Schiltach
The land of Milk and Honey: 3D coordinate measuring machines ensure the form and function of bathroom taps

In Turkey they relax in a hammam. The Japanese freshen up in an ofuro. In lifestyle magazines it is increasingly considered as an individual wellness oasis - we are of course talking about the bathroom. For over 100 years, Hansgrohe AG ( ) have made their contribution all over the world to the bathing culture with taps, mixers ...

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Krayer - Langenargen
Romer Omega Portable Measuring Arm Helps Krayer GmbH Comply With ISO9001 Standards, Assuring Global Reach For Products

The picturesque Lake Constance, located near the rim of the Alpine region of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is home to Krayer GmbH, a middle-sized company of about 50 employees specializing in the production of 3D forming parts. The company has a rich history, dating back to 1884, when Franz-Joseph Krayer founded a modest fabrication shop in ...

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