KASTO - Achern-Gamshurst
Case Study KASTO Maschinenbau - Achern-Gamshurst

Gains in time and minimal errors

By using touch-trigger probes on machining centres at KASTO, set-up times were shortened considerably with manufacturing errors greatly reduced.

Sometimes coincidences can point to the way ahead. The success story using m&h touch probes during manufacturing at KASTO in Achern-Gamshurst started with the acquisition of a large Reiden 5-axis machining centre. It was the machine builder who recommended using m&h touch probes for the forthcoming jobs.

Founded in 1844, today KASTO is a leading manufacturer of saws and metal storage systems. With a staff of around 580, last year the company achieved an annual turnover of about 130 million euros. For metal cutting at KASTO, the recommendation of the machine builder was accepted and the machine was ordered equipped with an m&h touch probe using radio-wave signal transmission. The advantages soon became apparent, resulting in equipping another 5-axis machine with the same type of probe. Two horizontal DMG machining centres that were acquired in the meantime were equipped with m&h touch probes using infrared transmission . . . . .

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