Precision Industry
Maximal noggrannhet – det är nyckeln för allt inom precisionsindustrin. Här tillverkas mycket noggranna och komplexa detaljer. Varje bråkdel av en µm räknas. Också för oss, eftersom noggrannhet är vår business. Tillverkningen av precisionsdetaljer för bil-, ur- och flygindustrin görs med stöd av koordinatmätmaskiner från Leitz och DEA.

Hög noggrannhet är nödvändig, inte bara på komponenterna. Portabla lasertracker-system från Leica Geosystems garanterar exempelvis att robotars rörelser är exakta.

ISP Salzbergen GmbH & Co. KG
The testing institute

The internationally-operating ISP testing institute has been able to reduce the high-accuracy wear measurement procedure for engine components from two full days to just a few hours. The basis for these enormous time savings is high-accuracy Leitz range coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology and utilisation of the QUINDOS Wear software ...

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3B Fluid Power - Novellara
Fluid Dynamics

Automated shop-floor inspection system from Hexagon Metrology keeps oil-hydraulic component supplier’s production cell at full ...

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Köppel AG - Berneck
From one machine to another

“The first time is always the hardest”. This phrase particularly rings true when you begin to use automated measuring technology. What you really need is a skilled partner and a measuring system that is easy to use. With Hexagon Metrology and the TIGO SF measuring machine, contract manufacturer Köppel AG, from Berneck, Switzerland, gets ...

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BP Riduttori – Mellaredo di Pianiga (VE)
Gear manufacturer by tradition

Experience, specialisation, product customisation – these are the three mainstays of BP Riduttori, a family- owned company based in the province of Venice. A small company but one with great technical expertise, for years many renowned companies in the transport, railway and pharmaceutical industries have relied on BP Riduttori to supply a vast ...

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müller co-ax ag - Forchtenberg
Meeting the tightest sealing requirements is top priority

Creating the best quality products with a perfect seal is the goal of valve manufacturer müller co-ax ag in Forchtenberg, Germany. When the company developed its Quadax® butterfly valves for the regulation and control of different media in the most extreme applications, it needed a new and highly-accurate co-ordinate measuring machine. ...

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Pretema GmbH - Niefern
Every feature in one go: How multi-sensor systems minimise measuring times

The precision technology company pretema specialises in the development and manufacture of electromechanical components, but this multitalented company is also a player in the areas of manufacturing technology and material types. When it comes to quality assurance, pretema relieson a multi-sensor measuring device from Hexagon Metrology that ...

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Daimler AG, Stuttgart
Automatically calibrated

Jean-Charles de Borda was one of the personalities behind the introduction of the metric system in France at the end of the 18th Century. A century later, Carl Benz went for the world‘s first motorised „drive“ in Germany. At Daimler AG‘s main factory in Stuttgart- Untertürkheim, Germany, these two aspects of history come together. Here, ...

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Paul Horn GmbH - Tübingen
Process reliability and quality are the maxims

With their own in-house developed grinding machines, for tool maker Paul Horn of Tübingen, in-process on the machine measuring is a key function to ensure precision and efficiency of automated operations. The m&h 41.00-PP production touch probes continuously resist persistent coolant showers and grinding dust ...

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BRUDERER AG - Frasnacht
High precision, stroke for stroke

Leaving a lasting impression, and imprint, across multiple industries is the goal of BRUDERER AG in Frasnacht, Switzerland. The Leitz PMM-G Coordinate Measuring Machine supports the machine building company with high-precision measurements at automatic stamping presses manufactured with a high degree of ...

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Stein-Moser - Bischofshofen
Under högt tryck: Stein-Moser justerar vattenjet-skärsystem med lasertracker

Kvalitet betyder allt hos Stein-Moser som tillverkar vattenjet-skärmaskiner. Därför används en mycket effektiv Leica Absolute Tracker när maskinerna monteras och kontrolleras. Hantera tryck är en del av den normala arbetsdagen i Bischofshofen, Österrike. Stein-Moser GmbH, som började som stenhuggeri, är ...

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Rohde & Schwarz - Teisnach
On the same wavelength: The Rohde & Schwarz factory at Teisnach opts for one software for all 3D measuring devices.

Rohde & Schwarz supplies mechanical components and complete systems for radio and transmitter technology. Their portfolio ranges from small switches used in satellites to radio sets for military aircraft through to mobile transmitter stations for radio and TV. In terms of quality assurance, the company relies on a whole range of measuring ...

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Gonzales - Estrabin
Inspection and auto-inspection with the ROMER Absolute Arm

Four buildings covering a total surface area of 20,000 m², four assembly halls each measuring 1,200 m² sitting on a site covering 35,000 m²... The Gonzales group, founded in 1971, has forged a solid reputation through its know-how, flexibility and reactivity as well as the quality of the services it provides. A designer and ...

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Mevi Group - Helmond
How to start serial production safely

For the companies in the Eindhoven region in Holland it goes without saying that they have their own clean room. That also applies to Mevi, a company specialising in processes, prototype and test series. For its quality assurance, the family-owned company swears by its Leitz PMM-C 8.10.6 made by Hexagon Metrology. Mevi is a think tank and factory ...

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Talleres de Guernica
Laser tracker-based inspection of machine tool components

When a customer of Talleres de Guernica’s asked for a precision chuck with 7 m diameter, the Spanish machine tool company designed a manufacturing process based on permanent quality control. With the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401, new business opened ...

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VMC – Vicenza
Fluid Compression Technologies

The air surrounding us was imperceptible but always present, captured and compressed by high-precision hightechnology mechanical devices that generate powerful concentrated efficient effective ...

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Technology foundation ensures quality with ROMER Absolute Arm

Industry in the north-western Spanish province of Asturias has a public source of knowledge at its disposal. To keep the region competitive, the foundation-owned private company PRODINTEC ( consults local businesses in novel design, management and manufacturing means. A ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated laser scanner is the ...

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Hitega Präzisionsmechanik - Gangkofen
Watertight records

Precise, compact and somewhat special. The perfect description of a Hitega product. The company from Gangkofen in Lower Bavaria has established itself as a precision engineering service provider. Various optical, tactile and multisensor measuring systems are essential to the success of the Hitega team. Not without good reason, the company has ...

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Matrix - Schio
Quality and Speed Hand in Hand

What is behind a few hundreds euros worth of punching tool which is however a key component for the machining of millions of stamped parts? Material technology, expertise, quality, accuracy, logistics, fast delivery. High-end manufacturers of these very special tools are four in Italy, little over twenty worldwide, and they are all committed to a ...

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When high-precision mechanical quality rhymes with Hexagon Metrology CMM

Specialising in the design, production and distribution of high-tech power transmission systems, REDEX is led by a team of topflight engineers and makes every effort to optimise the technologies used, both in designing and manufacturing the products. REDEX ANDANTEX is a genuinely international company with employees hailing from around the world ...

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Leitz 3D measuring machines ensure premium rotary blower quality and efficiency

Blower air is a highly versatile energy source and is essential for water treatment applications and the conveying of dry bulk goods, for example. To ensure that rotary blowers from Kaeser Kompressoren are able to deliver over- and under-pressure dependably and efficiently over the long-term, all components such as rotors, casings and timing gears ...

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SFS intec - Heerbrugg
Versatile use of the Leitz PMM-C Ultra with small precision parts

In the production halls articles are pressed, turned, ground and rolled. Hammering and clattering fills every nook and cranny. Thousands of small parts are tumbling into their assigned bins. At first glance the picture is deceptive: diversity rules here. Swiss concern SFS intec concentrates on the design and manufacture of customer-specific ...

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Donzé-Baume - Les Breuleux
The dream of a perfect timepiece: Coordinate metrology makes it possible

The Swiss Jura has long been regarded as the cradle of clock- and watch making. Since the upheaval of the industry in the 1980s, companies operating at the cheaper end of the market have gradually turned to the Far East. Suppliers of luxury brands of traditional clocks and watches have remained true to the Jura. They form the regular clientele of ...

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Reishauer - Wallisellen
Leitz CMMs have been ensuring the accuracy of gear grinding machines for decades

When Renato Righes speaks about his work as QS Engineer at Reishauer AG in Wallisellen (Switzerland), you can sense that every decimal place of a micrometer reading counts in this company. For only if the accuracy of the Reishauer gear grinding machines is guaranteed to the last detail can the gear wheels ground on these machines perform their job ...

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Otto Junker - Simmerath
Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker simplifies the inspection of large castings

Otto Junker simplifies measuring processes at its stainless steel foundry with a Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker. The high quality of the machined parts speaks for itself due to the measuring accuracies achieved.  When viewed from the outside, the interior of the stainless steel foundry at Otto Junker GmbH appears to be pitch-black. ...

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Davromatic - Nottingham
Real-time, in-process gauging of mill-turned components

A new, hard-wired, touch probing system has been introduced by m&h UK, Nottingham, that allows sliding-head CNC lathe users to measure turned and milled features quickly on every component after machining, while it is still in the counter spindle and before ejection. It is believed to be the first real-time, in-process quality control ...

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ABB Robotics - Västerås
ABB ger robotar livslång noggrannhet

ABB i Västerås är pionjär bland världens tillverkare av industrirobotar när det gäller att utnyttja laserbaserad mätteknik till att säkra robotarnas precision. För ABB, som med sin installerade bas på 125 000 robotar är störst i världen på industriautomation, är Leica ...

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KASTO - Achern-Gamshurst
Gains in time and minimal errors

By using touch-trigger probes on machining centres at KASTO, set-up times were shortened considerably with manufacturing errors greatly reduced. Sometimes coincidences can point to the way ahead. The success story using m&h touch probes during manufacturing at KASTO in Achern-Gamshurst started with the acquisition of a large Reiden 5-axis ...

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NOI-Rotortechnik - Nordhausen
Stringent Demands for Boosting the Efficiency of Wind Power Plants

Three-dimensional measurement and analysis of rotor blades and their production facility are highly complex and demanding measuring tasks. The nature and scope represent an entirely new dimension in this branch of industry. Consequently, such a task can be coped only by using ultra-modern measuring systems and a correctly prepared measurement ...

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LARO NC – Illmensee
Measuring saves a lot of time

Measuring is an important resource for more precise work and time saving – nota luxury but necessity at contract manufacturer Laro. With m&h touch probes and 3D Form Inspect software, many hours are saved and set-up times are reduced ...

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ESO Very Large Telescope (VLT) - Paranal
The ESO Very Large Telescope in Chile

Since February 2001, mankind has been opening a new eye into the universe: with the Very Large Telescope (VLT). The VLT provides researchers with extremely sharp images – achievable due to the very high positioning accuracy of all elements of this new observatory. To reach these targets, technology from Leica Geosystems was used. The European ...

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Heller - Nürtingen
Measuring with Accuracy. No Compromise.

With 110 years of history, 2,200 employees throughout the world, a line of products spanning milling machines for camshafts and crankshafts, machining centers, services to the customers that go beyond the mere technical support: Gebr. Heller Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Nürtingen, in the south of Germany, provides project management covering the ...

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Precitrame - Switzerland
Precision Jewels

We are in French Switzerland, in the Jura mountains, which is a short distance from the French border. Little villages, farms, and natural views are in abundance here, however it seems that time has stood still. Appearances though, can prove to be deceptive. On closer inspection you can see that time goes by here too - it has a peculiar meaning ...

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