För att till fullo utnyttja potentialen hos alla typer av mätutrustningar och konfigurera dem perfekt för alla slags mätuppgifter så erbjuds ett stort urval av originaltillbehör från Hexagon Metrology. Detta optimerar effektiviteten och flexibiliteten hos er utrustning. Optiska tillbehör, säkerhetsanordningar och nätverksfunktioner utökar mätsystemet så att det uppfyller era specifika krav och säkerställer kvaliteten och kostnadseffektiviteten.

Accessories for CMMs

Coordinate measuring machines, software products, stylus systems - the circle closes with our extensive range of accessories that significantly ease three-dimensional measurement. These extras provide even more accurate results that are delivered even faster, or they expand the possible applications of the measuring system.

For instance, with various part fixtures you will find it very easy to align workpieces prior to measuring. Our rotary tables simplify the measurement of difficult  to access parts and using the terminals, measurement becomes child's play. Safety guards and temperature compensation systems are also on the list of accessories.

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Accessories for Laser Tracker Systems

The range of accessories for Laser Tracker Systems covers a wide spectrum of easily operated components that are compatible with all generations of Leica Geosystems Laser Trackers. Reflectors, sensors and other portable devices can be used to adapt the metrology system as required.

All the accessories meet the absolute, high quality standards of the Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker. Further information about accessories for Laser Tracker Systems can be found in the Leica Geosystems Metrology Product Catalog.

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Accessories for Portable Measuring Arms

To extend the measuring range, exploit additional software functions or use a fully portable or fixed articulated arm – accessories for portable measuring arms open an almost limitless scope of application. These optionally available accessories increase the capabilities and efficiency of measuring arms. The applications engineers at Hexagon Metrology will find the right equipment package for your measurement task.

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Accessories for Theodolites & Laser Stations

Industrial theodolites and laser stations can be used with various accessories to adapt them for their particular applications and environmental conditions. Reflectors, target markers or a complete kit for roller alignment increase the productivity of the instruments.

Further information about accessories for industrial theodolites and laser stations can be found in the Leica Geosystems Metrology Product Catalog.

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Accessories for Tube Inspection Systems

Non-contact tube inspection made even easier – the measuring system is available with various large sensors and can, if desired, be equipped with a motor-driven linear axis for the measurement of long objects.

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Accessories for White Light Scanner Systems

Recognized as innovative provider in the white light scanning domain, Hexagon Metrology continues to deliver new products and technologies to leading manufacturers. Our dedicated R&D & engineering teams cooperate with customers, partners and industry experts to offer useful accessories with every system.

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DIACLEAN Surface Cleaner

Diaclean is a cleaning fluid especially made for efficient cleaning of Diabase stone surfaces used for example in many different types of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).

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