Tung industri
Heavy Industry
En tungviktare för en tung industri. Traditionella tunga industrier jobbar på en egen nivå när det gäller storlek och vikt. Bygg-, metallförädlings- och försvarsindustrierna lägger stor vikt vid noggrannhet. Kranar, grävmaskiner och bandtraktorer som hanterar tunga laster måste ha en noggrannhet på en bråkdel av en millimeter.

Där vissa mätinstrument kapitulerar i en kraftigt förorenad miljö med stora temperaturvariationer, visar sig styrkan hos lösningar från Hexagon Metrology genom absolut stabilitet och mätresultat som du kan lita på. När som helst, var som helst.

Geotrilho Topografia - Portugal
Accuracy at the service of Geotrilho Project Engineering

The efficiency of the technology measuring processes from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, their technical training and proven effectiveness in the fi eld of support, become available for Topographic and Geographic Engineering through projects from Geotrilho, a powerful Portuguese company located in Barreiro, a few kilometres from Lisbon ...

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Rothenpieler Group - Wilnsdorf
The QA Manager’s mobile SWAT squad

Quick, mobile, precise. These are the features that make a mobile SWAT squad so resoundingly successful, and they also apply to quality assurance. One example of this is the German machining specialist Rothenpieler, who can maintain a dense testing workload thanks to the flexibility of use of portable measuring ...

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Vestas Nacelles - Lem
Ren perfektion

Hur mycket ström kan ett 100 m högt vindkraftverk generera? Och hur kan det säkerställas att monteringen av vindturbiner löper problemfritt när allt måste fungera direkt? Hos Vestas Nacelles i Lem/Danmark gäller en strikt kvalitetsstrategi och man använder portabla mätsystem med hög kapacitet ...

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Corima - Loriol
Pekar och formar. Leica Absolute Tracker AT 401 används i formproduktion

Corima Technologies drar fördel av betydande kunskap om gjututrustning och produktionen av relaterade, komplexa komponenter. Företaget är specialiserade på elektroformning, att ge elektrolytisk nickel- eller kopparutfällning en form. Den här elektrolytiska utfällningen består därför av att forma en ...

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Lufkin - Fougerolles
Power 3 precision thanks to the Hexagon Metrology retrofit

Founded in 1902, LUFKIN Industries has been specialised in gearing for industrial applications for more than 80 years. Its global reputation as a manufacturer of highly reliable material is completed by its customer service long-renowned for being quick and efficient. LUFKIN France incorporated the group in 2009 and established itself as a builder ...

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Thoeni Manufacturing
Retro, but fit

How can existing machines be kept up to current standards against the background of increasing quality assurance requirements? The solution is a retrofit. Thöni Manufacturing GmbH shows you how. Almost two decades old, its coordinate measuring machine recently made the grade on an improvement course thanks to a modernisation package from ...

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Talleres de Guernica
Laser tracker-based inspection of machine tool components

When a customer of Talleres de Guernica’s asked for a precision chuck with 7 m diameter, the Spanish machine tool company designed a manufacturing process based on permanent quality control. With the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401, new business opened ...

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DMR - Rostock
Flexible laser tracker system facilitates the processing of large cast and steel components

At the DMR Produktionsgesellschaft mbH in Rostock there blows a fresh wind: previously, traditional measuring methods which were used had limitations; success is now guaranteed with the Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and Leica T-Probe. Now when the component can‘t get to the CMM, the CMM will go to the ...

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PES – Hinckley
Portable metrology for large scale installations and alignments

PES (UK) Ltd provides high quality engineered products and materials to global industries, along with specialist installation and design services. Operating in fields such as construction, formula 1, engineering, aerospace, printing, energy (onshore & offshore), automotive, rail, scientific and defence industries since 1979. As well as ...

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Lakber - Lakuntza
Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 for inspection of large-volume wind energy components

In industry sectors where work pieces are large and heavy, mobility is everything for a measurement system. When accuracy and easy handling are the other functional requirements, there is no way around a portable CMM. Spanish machining company Lakber came to this conclusion and uses a high-end Leica Absolute Tracker AT901 and a Leica ...

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Silbitz Guss
Foundry finds competitive edge with Laser Tracker system from Leica Geosystems

The portable measuring system in use at Silbitz Guss is an all-round performer: it can scan, take tactile measurements, mark the parts and automatically connect the Laser Tracker to handheld devices. To the benefit of the foundry‘s ...

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Burkhardt+Weber - Reutling
Gigantically flexible, gigantically accurate: 3D coordinate metrology in machine tool manufacture

The south of Germany regularly surpasses other German states in relation to patent applications. The first NC-controlled machining centre was also invented in the south of the Republic. Together with an American concern, Burkhardt+Weber in Reutling created this novelty in the 50s. The competence of Burkhardt+Weber these days is in the manufacture ...

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AfM Technology / Stahlwerk Augustfehn
XL crown gear precisely forged thanks to Leica Absolute Tracker

Stahlwerk Augustfehn has manufactured a crown wheel with a diameter of 12.7 m. A Leica Absolute Tracker and the knowhow of metrology specialists at AfM Technology GmbH Ost ensured that measurements taken during production were always highly ...

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HGG Profiling Equipment - Middenmeer
Leica Absolute Tracker monitors cutting of wind turbine tripods

On behalf of a customer, Dutch company HGG developed a new type of bevel cutting system which has an integrated Leica Absolute Tracker with Absolute Interferometer. The tracker continuously monitors the cutting process. Using the measured data, the machine cuts 60 m long, 400 t tubes into individual sections – to accuracies of a fraction of a ...

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Otto Junker - Simmerath
Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker simplifies the inspection of large castings

Otto Junker simplifies measuring processes at its stainless steel foundry with a Leica Geosystems Laser Tracker. The high quality of the machined parts speaks for itself due to the measuring accuracies achieved.  When viewed from the outside, the interior of the stainless steel foundry at Otto Junker GmbH appears to be pitch-black. ...

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ST Kinetics - Singapore
Wireless probing prevents reworking, automates report generation

Singapore Technologies Kinetics (ST Kinetics) is the land systems and specialty vehicles arm of Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering). It is one of Asia’s leading defense and specialty vehicles companies, with a strong portfolio of products and services for the defense, homeland security and commercial markets. Its capabilities ...

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Caterpillar - Peoria
Seeking the Holy Grail: Full-Size Dynamic Model of Giant Excavator

Virtual prototyping has long been the holy grail for enterprises looking to streamline their product development cycle. Using physical prototypes to test new concepts and improvements can cost manufacturers millions of dollars for downstream testing and prototype production. A virtual prototype is essentially an exact 3D digital replica of a ...

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GH Cranes - Beasain
Industrias Electromecánicas GH performs dimensional control of crane bridges with the portable Leica TDM5005 Industrial Total Station

Industrias Electromecánicas GH, leading manufacturers of crane bridges with a wide range of products, are located in Beasain, north of Spain. The Leica TDM5005 Industrial Total Station measurement system is used for fast, large scale and high precision dimensional ...

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Meccanica Ponte Chiese - Brescia
Automation to the nth Power

Automatic factory, unmanned manufacturing cycles, FMS, AGV… In the ‘80s, these used to be the favourite talking-points in the industrial world. The companies looked at a future with plants in which only a few people in white coats controlled machines and robots working, producing, and transferring every kind of components or finished products. ...

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